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Cymru Premier Festive Fixtures

Time got away from me over Christmas and, while I did type my vague predictions ahead of time, I didn’t get the chance to write up the post before the Boxing Day legs were played.

So, those new to the Cymru Premier League might not know that Boxing Day and New Year sees home and away games against your closest rivals.

Rather than go for predicting the exact scores for these games, I merely wrote what I thought would happen across the two games.

Cefn Druids vs The New Saints

Now, if any of you were worried that I’d amend my predictions with retrospect to make myself look good, this should calm your minds.

I predicted that sixth placed Druids would win one of the two games, with TNS taking the other.

That MIGHT well happen yet, but as TNS were victorious 5-0 away from home, I’m not confident.

I crumb of comfort though. The Saints’ big wins in the league (12-0 over Airbus and 10-1 over Aber) have come away from home. Although they were victorious in the home legs of those games, just not by much. I mean, they ONLY scored six against Airbus.

I wouldn’t put money on TNS doing the double over Druids now.

Connah’s Quay Nomads vs Airbus UK

I called this as four points across the two games for Nomads and with them winning 2-1 at Deeside, I might well not be far wrong.

I’ll be at the Airfield on Monday night to watch the game so will have everything crossed for a draw.

Barry Town United vs Cardiff Met

I called two wins for Barry.

Game one finished 1-1.

Shows what I know.

I still think Barry will win in Cyncoed.

You watch them bloody lose now.

Newtown vs Aberystwyth Town

In my predictions, I felt that these sides would share the spoils in the form of a win apiece.

They did share the spoils at Latham Park with a 1-1 draw.

I’m not really doing very well so far…

Carmarthen Town vs Pen-y-Bont

Finally! Things are looking up for me, as I called two wins for Carmarthen.

They won the first game 3-2.

It’s all geared up for the return leg in Bridgend on Monday afternoon.

Caernarfon vs Bala

Game one was broadcast live on S4C on Boxing Day and as Bala took the 2-1 victory with a nice little move from Chris Veneables, that was 20% pure Zlatan, I was cursing my prediction of a Caernarfon victory.

But when I came to write this post this morning, it appears I called a win and a draw for Bala.

So I might well come out on top yet!

All the games take place on Monday 30th December with 7.45 kick offs, except for Pen-y-Bont vs Carmarthen, which is apparently 2.30pm.

I’ll report back on Tuesday with my findings!

If you like predictions and me making a fool of myself, why not check out my feature, Liam vs Lawro, where I take on the BBC’s Mark Lawrenson (without his knowledge) to predict the scores in the English Premier League.

Here’s the latest post in that series:


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