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Liam vs Lawro: 28-29th December 2019

On to game day two of my weekly quest to take on BBC Sport’s Mark Lawrenson with Premier League predictions.

Lawro just edged in 50-30 last week ( and I’m kicking myself with a couple of my predictions.

Let’s see if I can go one better this time out.

As always, you get 40 points if you get the score spot on, and 10 if you just call the correct outcome (ie home/away win, draw).

Brighton and Hove Albion vs Bournemouth

Last time out I called Bournemouth to beat Arsenal. I wasn’t far off with that one.

I’ve visited both cities for Unison’s National Conference and I have to say I much prefered Bournemouth.

However, I see Graham Potter’s men taking the full three points today.

Liam says: 2-0 Brighton

Lawro says: 2-1 Bournemouth

Newcastle United vs Everton

The Ancelotti effect on Everton against Burnley was stronger than I had given it credit for as I called that as a score draw. I also predicted Newcastle would be victorious at Old Trafford and they really, really weren’t.

I’m conflicted on this one and not at all confident. So I’m going to go down the middle for a draw.

Liam says: 1-1 draw

Lawro says: 1-1 draw

Southampton vs Crystal Palace

If you’ve read last games’ results, you’ll know I talked myself out of calling a Southampton win at Stamford Bridge. I also correctly called Crystal Palace beating West Ham.

So I’m going to go with my gut on this one and give the win to the team on the rise.

Liam says: Southampton 3-0

Lawro says: 2-0 Southampton

Watford vs Aston Villa

Watford are resurgent under Nigel Pearson while Villa, their win over rock bottom Norwich aside, are on the slide.

I was going to call this as a home win but my gut flashed up with 1-1 so I’m going to run with that.

Liam says: 1-1 draw

Lawro says: 2-1 Watford

Norwich City vs Tottenham Hotspur

I so want Norwich to replicate their performances against City and Arsenal today. I really, really do.

My head is also telling me that Spurs only just overcame Brighton…

No. I can’t do it.

My head says: 3-0 Tottenham (I hope I’m wrong)

Lawro says: 2-0 Tottenham

West Ham United vs Leicester City

Brendan and his boys let me down badly against Liverpool the other night but I am going to forgive them, this once, and call a bounce back.

Liam says: 2-0 to Leicester

Lawo says: 1-1 draw

Burnley vs Manchester United

Last games, I showed too much faith in Burnley and too little faith in Manchester United.

If United turn up to this game, I’m going to call an away win.

Liam says: 4-0 Manchester United

Lawro says: 2-0 United

Arsenal vs Chelsea

This used to be a hell of a fixture when the two teams were in their prime, but now they’re shadows of their former selves. At least they’ve vaugely level pegging in terms of quality, if not results.

I think there will be goals in this one and Arsenal will JUST edge it.

Liam says: 3-2 Arsenal

Lawro says: 1-1 draw

Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Liverpool have all but sown up the title with the Boxing Day results, and Wolves did them a big favour by taking Manchester City all but out of the equation.

Part of me really wants to call this as an away win. I was so close to getting Wolves’ score bang on in the last game, but they went one better and left me empty handed.

Wolves are a good team and the last team domestically to beat Liverpool’s first team (Villa beating their U23s doesn’t count), nearly 12 months ago.

Something has surely got to give for Klopp’s side at some point and Wolves are one of the best placed teams to dish out an upset.

But I just can’t bet against Liverpool in the form they’re in right now. Not two games in a row anyway!

Liam says: 3-1 Liverpool

Lawro says: 2-0 Liverpool

Manchester City vs Sheffield United

City are all but out of the title race. Guardiola doesn’t seem to care any more and is going through the motions.

Do we see a City rebound today? It’s hard to say any team containing Aguero and de Bruyne won’t win, but that did happen less than 24 hours before I write this. Although both were substituted before Wolves scored their winning goals.


Fuck it!

Liam says: 2-1 Sheffield United

Lawro says: 3-0 City

Current standings after one match day:

Liam 30

Lawro 50


Published by Liam Pritchard

I am a writer and a poet. I say that but, actually, I’m one of those annoying breed of people who pretentiously call themselves writers and/or poets but don’t actually do any writing and stay depressed at their lack of productivity. Far more accurate would be to say that I am an arrogant, ill informed and over opinionated sod with an under developed ability to sense when he’s not funny. But “writer and poet” sounds better and I’m sticking with it. A friend – clearly fed up with my moaning about never producing any body of writing – suggested that I start a blog. My first reaction was “what the **** am I going to write about that anyone will want to read?” Then it dawned on me that it is fairly certain no one will ever read a single word I say on here. But that’s fine. I’m used to talking to myself. In school, I used to spend hours imagining I was a dragon who ran his own restaurant. Or, while playing “mummies and daddies,” I once proclaimed myself Granddad, shipped myself off to war, was promptly shot and killed and lay there dead for the rest of play time (and the entirely of the subsequent three play times). Don’t get me wrong. I had friends. Or at least I don’t recall being conscious of not having friends. I just used to spend a lot of time in my own little world. Not a lot has changed really. So! If you’re a real life human being who has stumbled across my little blog: erm, sorry! You’re really not getting these wasted minutes of your life back. I can’t even offer you photos of grumpy cats to compensate you. Peace and love! xx

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