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Liam vs Lawro: Boxing Day Results

So, how did I get on in my first week against the Mighty Mark Lawrenson?

I’m in a bit of a rush today as I got home late last night from being away and I have just a couple of hours to decide how I think this afternoon’s fixtures are going to go, write up that post, do my belated predictions for the Cymru Premier festive fixtures, feed my kids, entertain my kids, wash up and go to watch Star Wars.

Busy day!

First up:

Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Brighton and Hove Albion

I said: 3-1 Tottenham.

Lawro said: 3-0 Tottenham

Damn! So close to a perfect start to the weekend for me. Only one goal separating me from glory.

I’ve not seen the highlights yet but the text commentary seemed to suggest Spurs were fortunate to come away with a win from this game. So maybe I should just be happy with having correctly predicted a Tottenham win, along with Lawro, and we pick up 10 points a piece.

Aston Villa 1-0 Norwich City

I said: 2-1 to Norwich

Lawro said: 2-0 to Villa

It appears it was my heart ruling my head with this one. Sure, I tipped Villa to get a goal, but Norwich didn’t keep up their end of the bargain.

I realised when it was too late that I had forgotten all about Villa winning 5-0 at Carrow Road when making my prediction. I probably still would have stuck to it.

So Lawro correctly called a Villa win and gets ten points to my none.

He leads 20-10

Bournemouth 1-1 Arsenal

I said: 1-0 to Bournemouth

Lawro said: 2-1 to Arsenal

I had a bad feeling when Bournemouth went 1-0 up so early on in the game. It just seemed too good to be true annd my gut said they wouldn’t hang on. My gut was right.

Fortunately, Arsenal only managed the one goal. A second would have give Lawro the full 40 points from this one.

As it stands, neither of us predicted a draw so neither of us get a point.

It remains Lawro 20-10 Liam.

Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

I said: 2-1 to Chelsea

Lawro said: 2-0 to Chelsea

I am absolutely kicking myself with this one because I talked myself out of calling an away win for Southampton. My gut called this one but my head overruled it. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Only saving grace is Lawro went the same way as me so we are wrong together.

Still Lawro 20-10 up.

Crystal Palace 2-1 West Ham United

I said: 2-0 Palace

Lawro said: 2-1 West Ham

BOOM! Another ten points to me thanks to a late Palace winner. Andre’s brother Jordan threw me a frickin bone here. Even after I dissed him in my prediction… Sorry, Jordan.

Again, I’ve not yet seen if, but I understand it was beautiful.

Lawro got it so badly wrong and I draw level 20-20.

Everton 1-0 Burnley

I said: 1-1 draw

Lawro said: 2-0 to Everton

Easy come, easy go. Lawro picks up ten points by correctly calling a home win and retakes his lead 30-20.

Sheffield United 1-1 Watford

I said: 2-2 draw

Lawro said: 1-0 Watford

And he’s back in the game. Not a bang on score, but good enough for ten points to draw me on level terms again. 30-30.

Manchester United 4-1 Newcastle

I said: 1-0 to Newcastle

Lawro said: 2-0 to United

Oh, Ole. Why have I foresaken you? Well, probably because you foresoke me when you managed Cardiff, so I guess we’re about even now, yes?

Lawro had more faith in United than I did and was rewarded with another ten points to take his lead to 40-30.

Leicester City 0-4 Liverpool

I said: 2-0 Leicester

Lawro said: 2-0 Liverpool

Seriously, Leicester? What the fuck, man?

Ok, so I’m not shocked that Liverpool won. They always win. It’s the fact that they obliterated their nearest rivals so comprehensively.

I’ve not seen the highlights so I don’t know if Liverpool were just too damn strong or if Leicester didn’t give the best account of themselves.

All I know is I feel burned by how easy this was for Liverpool.

Not least because Lawro picks up an extra ten points to stretch his lead to 50-30.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-2 Manchester City

I said: 2-2 draw

Lawro said: 2-0 to City


I needed an exact scoreline to have an hope of topping Lawro this week and in the 89th minute I got it.

In the 92nd minute Wolves scored again to take all three points.

Had I not had my pride riding on this I would have been thrilled with this result.

Guardiola says that title race is now over. Looking at the scores this weekend and failing to see where Liverpool are going to lose five games between now and May (coupled with City and Leicester needing to win EVERYTHING between now and then), I’d say he’s right.

Klopp won’t say so, and he mustn’t think so, but Liverpool are champions elect now. And it’s not even new year.

I digress.

Zero points a piece for either of us.

So the final score for this week is:

Liam 30-50 Lawro

Not an embarrassing pasting!

Next up!


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I am a writer and a poet. I say that but, actually, I’m one of those annoying breed of people who pretentiously call themselves writers and/or poets but don’t actually do any writing and stay depressed at their lack of productivity. Far more accurate would be to say that I am an arrogant, ill informed and over opinionated sod with an under developed ability to sense when he’s not funny. But “writer and poet” sounds better and I’m sticking with it. A friend – clearly fed up with my moaning about never producing any body of writing – suggested that I start a blog. My first reaction was “what the **** am I going to write about that anyone will want to read?” Then it dawned on me that it is fairly certain no one will ever read a single word I say on here. But that’s fine. I’m used to talking to myself. In school, I used to spend hours imagining I was a dragon who ran his own restaurant. Or, while playing “mummies and daddies,” I once proclaimed myself Granddad, shipped myself off to war, was promptly shot and killed and lay there dead for the rest of play time (and the entirely of the subsequent three play times). Don’t get me wrong. I had friends. Or at least I don’t recall being conscious of not having friends. I just used to spend a lot of time in my own little world. Not a lot has changed really. So! If you’re a real life human being who has stumbled across my little blog: erm, sorry! You’re really not getting these wasted minutes of your life back. I can’t even offer you photos of grumpy cats to compensate you. Peace and love! xx

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