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Liam vs Lawro: New Years Day Fixtures

Happy New Year!


We have another full Premier League fixtures list on January 1st.

That’s three editions of Liam vs Lawro in just six days.

Jose is right. Subjecting pundits to this frequency of football is inhuman.

Anyway, mustn’t bitch, I’ll have a week off with the FA Cup next weekend.

After two weeks, the overall scores stand at Liam 100-120 Lawro.

Last week we drew 70 each. Here’s hoping I can go one better at the third time of asking!

(As it stands, Lawro hasn’t yet posted his predictions. I’ll update this when he does)

Brighton and Hove Albion vs Chelsea

Being a Potterphile (Graham, not Harry) I am tempted to call this as a home win as Chelsea’s form of late hasn’t been sparkling.

But a glance at recent results reminds me that, while Brighton might play attractive football, it hasn’t resulted in many points on the board.

So I have to back another ex Swansea man, Frank Lampard.

Liam says: 2-1 Chelsea

Lawro says:

Burnley vs Aston Villa

Six points separate these two sides. Burnley didn’t look up to much against United last time out and Villa were hammered by Watford.

I’m going to play this one safe.

Liam says: 1-0 Burnley

Lawro says:

Newcastle United vs Leicester City

I’ve been kind to Newcastle so far in my predictions and have awarded them four from a possible six points. They’ve rewarded me by picking up precisely zero.

Leicester got back to winning ways on the weekend and I think they’ll carry on the run.

Liam says: 2-0 Leicester

Lawro says:

Southampton vs Tottenham

I’m liking Southampton a lot over the last three games, where they’ve taken seven from nine points.

Tottenham, while flashy going forward, seem to be waffer thin at the back. They generally score, but you can count on them to concede too.

They were fortunate against Norwich not to be two down when one of Pukki’s pubes strayed offside.

I just can’t quite rule against them this time.

Liam says: 2-1 Tottenham

Lawro says:

Watford vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

This is a tough one. Watford have been brilliant lately and put in performances against high calibre opponents as well as Aston Villa.

Wolves though!

I’m gonna call a bump in the road for Nigel Pearson.

Liam says: 2-0 Wolves

Lawro says:

Manchester City vs Everton

I’ve yet to predict a win for either of these sides in two previous weeks.

I promised myself that would change this week, only to find they’re bloody well playing each other.

I’m torn. My head says City because, well, they’re City and Everton are Everton.

My heart says Guardiola is losing the plot (fueled further by reading Zlatan’s autobiography last night and his scathing assessment of him) and Ancelotti has revived Everton’s fortunes.

Do these things cancel each other out?

Do I call yet another draw from Everton only to have them win?


Liam says: 2-1 Everton (sure this is gonna bite me in the ass)

Lawro says:

Norwich City vs Crystal Palace

I finally caught up with Match of the Day yesterday and it astounds me that Norwich didn’t pick up six points from their last two games.

Yeah, there’s probably rose tinted specs on due to my loose Norfolk connections.

Norwich’s problem is that they play nice football, they just seem to get outscored all the time.

Sad as I am to say:

Liam says: 2-1 Palace

Lawro says:

West Ham United vs Bournemouth

“New” man in charge at the London Stadium. Looks a lot like the one that was there a couple of years ago.

The Hammers are a point behind the Cherries, having played a game less.

Both are precariously close to being sucked into the bottom three.

I think with the new manager and Fabianski back between the sticks, West Ham are going to take this one.

Liam says: 2-0 West Ham

Lawro says:

Arsenal vs Manchester United

In the late 90s this was a fixture I always looked forward to. I was, at the time, a Manchester United fan (I’m not not one now. I’d just describe myself as a Swansea fan. The switch occurred almost immediately after United won the Treble should anyone accuse me of ditching United when they got crap. The truth is, I got bored of winning) and a few close friends were Arsenal fans. It was bedlam, and I loved it.

Nowadays, there’s no Roy Keane and Patrick Vierra to kick lumps out of each other.

No Premier League titles resting on this one game.

Nowadays, it’s a bit of a wet fart.

But I tip United to follow through.

Liam says: 2-0 United

Lawro says:


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