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Who Am I?

Hi! And welcome to my new blog, the Couch Potato’s Corner.

My name is Liam Pritchard, I am in my 30s, from the UK and I am the world’s most unenthusiastic sports enthusiast.

The list of my half arsed passions is endless, but my first love is football (or soccer, as our North American friends know it) closely followed by ice hockey and international Rugby Union. I have a passive (which, by my standards, is saying something) interest in basket ball and have recently begun educating myself on American Football.

My passions sub-list extends to an eye-watering number of teams across the globe that I actively seek out the results for. It would take a little too long in this post to list them all but here’s a taster:


Swansea City (EFL Championship). My home team and number one guys.

Dumbarton (Scottish League One). My old local team, whom I used to regularly pay £3.50 to watch in Scottish Division Three back when I first fell in love with the beautiful game.

Borussia Monchengladbach (German Bundesliga). Another former local team I used to regularly watch. I personally believe the Bundesliga is the best league in the world.

Toronto FC (MLS). I kinda have a “thing” for Toronto, which will be explained in a later post. The city will feature heavily on this blog.

York 9 (Canadian Premier League). I’ll go into more depth of this in a very near future post.

The Welsh Premier League. Or Cymru Premier as it’s known now. I used to regularly watch TNS when I moved to Wales in 2004, as they were one mile from my front door in Llansantffraid. During this time I got to see them win the league, the League Cup, the FAW Cup and the FAW Premier Cup. Not to mention taking on the European Champions, Liverpool, in the Champions League. I spent a number of years as their mascot before becoming General Manager of Technogroup Welshpool but the less said about THAT the better.

Wrexham Ladies. I love women’s football, ever since the 2011 World Cup showed me how damn good it is. I used to run an unofficial website for the Welsh Premer League, before the FAW came along and did their own thing. Wrexham are my local team, although they aren’t in the top flight any more.

Ice Hockey.

Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL). Toronto. Duh.

Toronto Marlies (AHL). See above.

Orlando Solar Bears (ECHL). Now, hockey afficinados may well assume that my affection for this team stems from their previous affiliation to the Maple Leafs, but that was just a coincidence. Actually, we have family friends in Florida, it’s a place that I love and I remembered seeing the logo a lot when we visited in 1997, a time when I was first starting to discover the sport.

Cardiff Devils (EIHL). Ok, I’m from Swansea so it should disgust me to profess to like anything from Cardiff. But there isn’t another team in South Wales so this is the best I can get. Sue me.

Telford Tigers (EPL). Local team, a lot of my family live near the town. The first ice hockey team I’ve ever watched.

Deeside Dragons (whatever league they’re in). Ok, so they absolutely hate Telford Tigers, but they’re my new local team, they’re another Welsh team. It would be rude not to love them too.

Dusseldorf (Deutsche Eishockey Liga). They’re the closest thing hockey has to Monchengladbach.

American Football

Chicago Bears (NFL). When I was five I got a Chicago Bears uniform for Christmas for reasons I don’t understand. But hey. There we go.

Florida Gators (college football). There’s a photo of me as a baby wearing a Gators babygrow. I’m just learning the sport this year and they’ve made it a lot of fun.

Toronto Argonauts (CFL). Ok, so technically Canadian Football and American Football are different sports due to pitch size and number of downs, but I don’t do technical well.

Rugby Union.


Whoever England are playing.

Llanelli Scarlets.

Special mentions:

Toronto Wolfpack (Rugby League). Toronto Arrows (Major League Rugby). Llanidloes Town Ladies (former Welsh Premier Women’s League badasses. I pray they one day return).

Anyway, that’s enough boring lists! What is this blog all about?

Well, like most people who engage in sports from the seat of their pants (not you, Michel Vorm, though I swear blind you have the most decorated arse in world football), I fancy myself as a bit of a journalist. In truth, I’m just full of half baked, ignorant opinions that lack coherance or substance.

This blog is really not for anyone other than myself, and anyone else who happens to be interested in the subject matter.

It’s mainly a vehicle for me to improve my knowledge about particular sports that I love as I believe the best way to learn about something is to try writing about it.

Most of what you read on here will be utter horse shit. But please feel free to call me out. I love to learn and I love a good barney over unimportant things.

Enjoy! If you can.


Cymru Premier Week 8 Review

Right! I’ve just finished watching the goals of Sgorio and now time to update you all on my success from last week.

How did I do?

Well, if I was following the same format as last season and just trying to predict the outcome, I’d be pleased with having called 50% of the games correctly.

But I got cocky and decided to have a pop at the scores this time out, and how did I do on that front?

Well…erm…shut up!

Caernarfon Town vs Cefn Druids
I said: 3-2 Druids
Result: 2-1 Druids

Not a bad start to proceedings on Friday night. I got the outcome right and predicted both teams would score and Druids would win by a single goal. I’m happy with this. Not least because it’s the closest I’d get for the rest of the weekend to predicting the exact score.

Newtown vs Barry Town
I said: 1-0 Barry
Result: 1-1 draw

I correctly guessed Barry would only score the one goal, but they kept me sweating right into injury time. Even then Kayne McLaggon had his penalty saved by Dave Jones before turning in the rebound. James Davies was the man for Newtown who turned me into a liar.

Flint Town United vs Haverfordwest County
I said: 2-1 Flint
Result: 2-0 to Haverfordwest

Well, when you’re wrong, you’re wrong but had Mark Cadwallader managed to hit the target from 4 yards, I might well have been right on this occasion. My Welsh linguistic abilities are limited but I heard the Sgorio commentator start his summary of that moment with “sut” (Welsh for “how”) and I certain he said “how the fuck did he miss that?”

Cardiff Met vs Connah’s Quay Nomads
I said: 3-0 to Connah’s Quay
Result: 2-1 to Connah’s Quay

Finally, I’m back in the game. Met gave me a scare by taking the lead before the champions rallied late to find the win. To compare their winner to Sunday League football would be unfair. It actually reminded me of how I used to play Fifa 96 on the Sega MegaDrive when passing was ineffectual and you just had to keep belting it in the direction of goal until it eventually went in. Am feeling quite nostalgic right now, truth be told.

Penybont vs The New Saints
I said: 3-1 to TNS
Result: 4-0 to TNS

Again, got the outcome right but guessing TNS are going to win a Cymru League game has a better return than dabbing Sex Panther on your neck. 80% of the time it works every time. I guess I could try and say that I correctly predicted four goals. So I will. Got to cling to anything in this game.

Bala Town vs Aberystwyth Town
I said: 1-1 draw
Result: 5-2 to Bala

I’m reminded of when I did work experience in a primary school and one of the children was being awkward and insisted it was “opposite day” so I had to tell her the opposite of what I wanted her to do. Being obviously the right maturity to be a teacher, I was well up for this and decided to escalate matters, so when she got a question right I said “wrong [child name]! So wrong! That is the wrongest thing I have ever heard!” That’s what I hear in my head right now, and it is the opposite of opposite day.

I think if my mother could see how wrong I got this one, she’d love me less.


It’s very much as you were in the top three thanks to Connah’s Quay’s late winner. They remain top of the table for the trip to second placed TNS.

Bala Town reclaimed a place in the top six jumping to fifth, a point behind Penybont, who have played three games more than them.

The real winners of the weekend in the early relegation scrap were Cefn Druids. A first three points for new boss, Bruno Lopes and the three sides directly above them all dropped points. Conceivably they can jump as high as ninth with a win next Saturday.

Tomorrow night, I am covering TNS vs Connah’s Quay for Y Clwb Pel Droed. Go tune in there to see my updates (if you really don’t want to watch it live on Sgorio) and read my match report.

I’m going to hazard a guess and say 3-1 to TNS.

And on Wednesday night, when everyone is watching Wales beat Bulgaria, Bala Town get one of their many games in hand out the way when they play Barry Town. For this, I’m calling a 2-1 home win.

Until next time, friends!

Why You Should Watch TNS vs Connah’s Quay

Check out the BBC Sport fixtures list for Tuesday and, aside from Liechenstein vs San Marino, nothing really stands out as worthy of your attention.

But I’m here to tell you, you are wrong.

You’ll need to scroll down. A lot. Past the Scottish League Cup. Past the FA Cup Third Qualifying Round. Past the U21 internationals. Past the National League. World Cup Qualifiying for South America? Keep scrolling. Hell, keep scrolling past the Lowland League fixtures which are all abandoned for Covid (why are they even listed).

Eventually, you’ll come to a small, harmless looking entry for The New Saints vs Connah’s Quay in the Cymru League.

For the unintiated, the Cymru League is what the Welsh Premier League rebranded to in a move that confounded linguistic purists (“Cymru” being the Welsh word for “Wales” and “League” being the English word for “League.” It’s not wholy unusual for people to throw the odd English word into a Welsh sentence, just watch John Hartson on Sgorio and occasionally you’ll think you’ve slipped into fluency only to be proven wrong in the next sentence. I hope whoever was paid a lot of money to think that name up used this rationale to troll the entire nation. I can get on board with that).

Anyway, why the hell should you invest ninety minutes of your evening watching two teams of famers battling it out of a field covered in sheep shit?

Well, I’ll tell you why!

There’s Nothing Else On and It’s Free!

Ok, other than Liechenstein vs San Marino, what else are you really going to be doing with your evening? Talking to your family? I thought not.

The good news is this game is being broadcast and you don’t need a Sky Sports subscription, just access to the internet.

It is being live streamed through Sgorio’s (think Welsh Match Of The Day) Facebook and YouTube channels. Give them a search and you’ll find the link ahead of the 7.45 kick off.

A word of warning, it is in Welsh, but at least it’s not Alan Green.

They’re The Two Best Teams In Wales

Ok, so Bala Town might be choking on their drink and waving frantically at me in the back ground, but these two realy are the best we have. Bala are close but not quite into that bracket yet. A close third.

If this was Scotland, TNS and Connah’s Quay would be Rangers and Celtic, and Bala would be Aberdeen. If I were to delve deeper into that analogy, TNS with their history of winning multiple titles and wearing green and white Hoops would be Celtic. And Connah’s Quay would be Rangers, except Connah’s Quay can win the league and beat Kilmarnock.

Also, far from being farmers they’re actually real life, grown up footballers. Ones that get paid enough to pay their bills and everything.

In a largely part time league, these are the only two full time clubs.

They’re The Two Best Teams In Wales

Yes, I know that’s the same point as above but I had more to say on the matter and wanted more bold headings to make the article look prettier. Sue me.

Not only are they the only full time teams we have and have been the top two teams the last three or so seasons, they’re also the top two in the fledgeling league table.

After seven games, Connah’s Quay are top on the pile, a point ahead of TNS, who have played one game less.

Both teams have won six in succession.

Ever heard of the expression “the irresistable force meets the immovable object”? Yeah, well TNS are both of those at the moment. Their goals for and against record currently stands at 25-0.

*Disclaimer to the above* TNS were drawing 2-2 with Aberdeen, I mean Bala, in the 87th minute before the floodlights failed, expunging the result. So they have had the ball in their net, twice, it just doesn’t count.

Two Contrasting Styles

TNS are widely regarded as a team that will walk the ball into your net. A lot.

Connah’s Quay are more likely to shove the ball into your net and send your goalkeeper in with it for good measure. A lot.

That’s a slight exaggeration but TNS fans (and Queens Park managers) will tell you they play the nicer football and Connah’s Quay rely on highly physical directness. Some have even used the word “dirty” but, having seen the Nomads first hand against Cefn Druids, I prefer to think of them as firm but fair. And better at football than they’re given credit for.

One thing is for certain, TNS won’t get the space in the middle of the park to play their usual passing game. How they adapt will be an interesting aspect of the encounter.

It’s A Local Derby

Ish. Thirty five miles and 45 minutes (25 minutes if you’re my father in law) separate the two sides.

They Fucking Hate Each Other

Well. Not in the sense of Rangers vs Celtic or Swansea vs Cardiff.

They’ve gone toe to toe for the title for the last three or so years, with TNS generally coming out on top but last year Connah’s Quay were awarded the title, owing to being top of the league when Covid struck.

TNS weren’t happy with this. They’d won eight titles in a row and had their eyes on ten, they weren’t about to let the title be taken away off the pitch.

Their chairman, Mike Harris – who is a showman in my opinion. I can’t repeat some of the other opinions people have of him and you’ve seen the language I’m willing to use in this blog – called on Connah’s Quay on Twitter, saying they should hold a play-off to decide it on sporting merit.

Connah’s Quay, the FAW and the Welsh government all said no. Mike took it to court. The court said no. Some quarters still believe Nomads’ title is a tainted one and this is the first time they’ll have met on the pitch since then.

It could well be viewed as an unofficial battle for validation. In one corner you have “the People’s Champions” TNS and, the other, the offial champions.

Make no mistake, there is bad blood and when these sides come together at the best of times, it’s a proper ding dong contest. As well as goals, expect to see a red card or two.

Both Teams Know Where The Net Is

Football is all about goals. And these teams have several people who know how to get them.

For added interest, Connah’s Quay have Mike Wilde, a man who was (until last week) TNS’s all time record goalscorer.

His record was usurped by Greg Draper, when he scored his second goal against Flint. He then added three more to score half of TNS’s goals that day, and then scored two in Penybont on the weekend.

Wildey has three in the last three as well. Whether he plays Tuesday is another matter as he had three eyebrows last time I saw him on Twitter, following a clash of heads at Cardiff Met on Saturday. Knowing him, it’ll take a lot of keep him off the pitch.

The Weather Forecast Is Ok

Last time the teams met the spectacle was thwarted a bit by Storm Denis (I think. I lose track of what storm we’re on. All I know is it was a hairy drive to Norwich the day before). Connah’s Quay won 1-0, to take themselves to the top of the table, where they stayed.

But the best bit of the coverage was the regular update’s of the ball boy’s plastic chair while it involuntarily made its way around the race track that surrounds the Deeside pitch. BAFTA worthy stuff.

Park Hall has a 3G pitch so no amount of rain will effect the surface and put a dampener on things.

In Summary

So there you have it.

If that doesn’t make you want to watch it, nothing will.

Please do tune in. You might just find you actually quite like Welsh football!

If you do, there is a live game every Saturday evening on Sgorio. It’s live streamed via Youtube.

Also, highlights of all the games are available on Sgorio’s Youtube channel if you fancy it.

Come on! You know you want to!

England 3 – 0 Wales Review

As soon as this game was announced, I could barely contain my indifference.

It’s not that I’m scared of playing England, it just doesn’t excite me. I don’t worry about losing, I’m Welsh, I’m used to it. To paraphrase Bane, I didn’t taste an international tournament until I was already a man. I’m not even sure there is a word in the Welsh language for “victory” and I’m too busy to check.

So yeah, defeat doesn’t bother me. I took for granted we would probably lose, whatever team Southgate chose to put out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pessimist. If our first eleven went up against England’s first eleven in a competitive game, I’d fancy our chances. Nine times out of ten we’d lose, given the difference in quality, but that one time is always a possibility.

But with so many injuries and needing to rest some of our stars for the Nations League (which I love and genuinely care about), I really could summon any enthusiasm for this game. Especially considering the English fans were always going to care so much more about it than us and were entirely predictable in their gloating of having beaten us with their B team, and ignoring the fact we pretty much had our B team out too.

But I watched the game anyway. I don’t normally like international friendlies at the best of time. They always seem like such a non event, unless they’re in Wrexham, in which case, I’m all over that shit and it is the most important game in the history of everything (in your face Liechenstein and Norway!).

I tried to get interested. I’ve wanted to see Rabbi Matondo for a while. I’ve heard he’s pretty quick and I love nothing more than bloody fast wingers. So him starting was a highlight for me. Especially as he showed a few flashes of potential. He’s nowhere near up to the standard where he’d start ahead of Bale or Dan James, but with a few more games under his belt, hopefully him and Neco Williams can prove to be dangerous substitutions late in the game when Dan and Gareth have run the defences ragged and we bring on their fresh legs.

Aside from that I don’t really have a lot to say about the game.

I have concerns, but they are really only minor.

The biggest has to be the injury to Kiefer Moore, given that Hal Hobson Kanu has broken his arm. This leaves us without a centre forward for the next two Nations League games. When Kiefer went off, you could just feel the collective deflation around the country. With him on, we might have snuck a goal or two and shut up shop. With him off, I just didn’t see where the goals might come from.

Not a concern as such, but I’m still to be sold on Ethan Ampadu. I heard so many good things about him and his quality, but I’ve yet to see it personally. Maybe I’m not a sophisticated pundit so don’t fully understand what he brings to the team. I’d love to be proven wrong and him to suddenly kick off and be amazing, but so far, I struggle to see what the fuss is about.

Yes, I know he’s a young lad with his whole career ahead of him and it’s way too early to judge him. Yet people are judging him and coming to the conclusion that he is the next big thing.

I really am rooting for the lad and want him to be amazing. I check the Sheffield United squad every week so see if he got on the pitch, as I did with Leipzig last season. I feel like I have a vested interest in his awesomeness and am just waiting for it to burst out so I can be like the guy in Zoolander when Magnum is finally revealed, lying on the floor and screaming “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!”

But it concerns me that he has played more games for Wales than he has for any club combined. Still.

I just wonder why clubs like Sheffield United and Leipzig took him on loan to not play him. Part of me wishes he’d drop to the Championship and get some real game time under his belt and build some confidence. Even the best (*cough* Bale *cough* Dan James) need to be playing regularly to then play for Wales at their full potential.

I don’t know. As I say, I’m not the most sophisticated observer, especially when it comes to defensive positions. It’s easy to see then potential of Dan James and Neco Williams when they’re doing the sexy stuff like scoring and setting up goals. Ethan could be quietly brilliant and it just goes over my head and I’m really unfair on the kid. I really hope that’s the case and someone can educate me so I can truly appreciate his quality.

My other takeaway from the game is the defensive performance for the three goals.

Say what we want about it being our B team out, that defence, with the exception of Joe Rodon (who is tipped to be the next big thing anyway), was what you would expect to see lining up for Wales game after game. That was not our B team defence and they just looked inept for all three goals.

People who don’t watch Wales say that Gareth Bale is our only player. And in reply I ask them how Bale kept all those clean sheets as a forward.

Yes, Bale has scored a lot of important goals, but what has qualified us for the last two Euros has been our fantastic defensive work. We let in six goals in qualifying. Same as England. No one scored more than two in a game against us (unlike England) and we had the World Cup runners up in our group (whereas England has Kosovo). Our success is built on keeping the opposition out and allowing our plethora of attacking talent to grab the winner for us.

The performance for the three goals was disappointing. Had it been with our full strength team ahead of them, in a match that meant something more than filling a gap when we thought the world would be in lockdown, then I might be concerned.

As it stands, I’m just gonna shake it off and back the same five to do a job against Ireland on Sunday, when I really will care and really will be shouting at the telly.

This is just one to wrap tomorrow’s fish and chips in.

No one cares. Except a few English people on Twitter and there’s not really a lot for them to do these days. Let them have their fun. They’ve got Belgium next so it won’t last long.

Cymru Premier Week 8 Preview

Seven games into the Cymru Premier season and I think it’s about time that I resurrected my weekly predictions blog, which all went to pot last year with that old Covid-19 chestnut.

Last term, I restricted myself to just trying to predict the outcome of the game and steered well clear of taking a pop at the scores. If you’ve read any of the previous posts, you’ll know I wasn’t too successful so, masochist that I am, I’ve decided to make it even harder for myself this year and I’m going to try and predict the final scores as well!

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Friday 9th October 2020

Caernarfon Town vs Cefn Druids

These are two teams I like a lot. Druids are a twenty minute drive from my house and I’ve been assigned to two of their games for Y Clwb Pel Droed already this season. Caernarfon have long been a favourite of mine. I love the ground (even if I did nearly break my hand celebrating a TNS equaliser too close to the tea hut many years ago). I love the fans. I love the Welshness of them. I also love Huw Griffiths.

I worked with Huwi when I was General Manager of Welshpool about a decade ago. He’s a lovely guy and really knowledgeable. I rate him very highly as a coach and have followed his career closely since he left us to go to Druids.

I think this game has all the hallmarks of a classic this evening. Both Huwi and (Druids boss) Bruno Lopes set their teams up to play open, attractive football. I’m disappointed this hasn’t been picked up by the broadcasters this weekend (unless Sgorio are showing it live via Facebook) because I think it’s going to be an entertaining game.

Druids impressed me in their opening game against Flint. The moved the ball around and weren’t afraid to get forward. Their midfield firepower and Stef Edwards charging up from wing back had me convinced they would give a few teams a decent game. The score lines since that night (1-1 with Cardiff Met aside) have proved me wrong. They’ve conceded 13 goals in their last three games and scored just one.

I saw them against Connah’s Quay last weekend, where they were trounced 5-0 (it could have been 10) and had two shots in the general direction of the goal. The Nomads completely dominated the midfield and it didn’t seem like Druids had a plan B to deal with teams that won’t let them play their preferred style.

However, I still think they have goals in them and an abundance in depth and competition in midfield. They won’t play many as tough as Nomads this season and if they can get a bit of confidence inside them, they could well push on and get some points on the board.

A glance at the table would make you think Caernarfon have been indifferent this year. They’ve won three, lost three and drawn one. But closer inspection tells you that all three defeats came against the top three in the league. When they’ve played a team in the bottom six, they’ve been victorious.

They clearly know where the net is but their defensive record poses questions. They kept their first clean sheet of the season at Cardiff Met last weekend, but there was an element of fortuitousness about it. They will almost certainly score tonight, but they’ll give Druids a few sniffs too.

I’m going to go with 3-2 tonight, though I keep changing my mind who too. My head days Caernarfon will win it, as does the form book. But my heart (as much as I love Huwi) says Druids. They desperately need a win and my ego needs them to pick up points as I’ve told a few people they’re a decent side and I could do without a repeat of the “I don’t really rate that Ronaldo kid, he just ends up on his arse all the time, I can’t see him amounting to anything” incident.

So yeah. Let’s go with the heart. 3-2 to Druids. (No, Caernarfon. No, Druids. No…)

Saturday 10th October 2020

Newtown vs Barry Town

I’ve been surprised by Newtown’s form this season. I watched their opening day draw with Haverfordwest (2-2) and wasn’t massively impressed. They looked a long way from the side that snuck into the top six at the split last term. Their only win so far this season coming at home to Druids (4-1).

Barry’s current streak of five successive victories is equalled only by TNS (thanks to the Bala floodlights). So the form book screams an away win to me and I’m not inclined to disagree.

As for the scoreline, Barry have only won by more than a single goal once this season. Newtown aren’t bad at the back, they restricted TNS to two in midweek (down from 10 the weekend before).

I’m going to go with 1-0 to Barry.

Flint Town United vs Haverfordwest County

Like Druids, I was impressed with Flint when I saw them face off a few weeks back. They were 2-1 winners on the night and played some lovely stuff. That was their second win from their first three games in the top flight. However, the wheels have fallen off a bit since and they lost the next three games, including a 10-0 drubbing at TNS last weekend.

No one should be ringing the panic bells just yet. All three defeats came against teams I expect to be challenging for league titles or European football next season. They’ve recently added a real heavyweight (in terms of his scoring record, not build. Please don’t hurt me) in Les Davies. Wes Baynes is a menace from right back so I expect a fair few goals going forwards.

Like Flint, Haverfordwest are new to the top flight. The Bluebirds were last in the Premier League when it had 18 teams. They’re a well run club with some great facilities so it’s nice to have them back in the league. They picked up a very credible win over Bala Town last weekend, but were brought back down to earth with a 4-0 defeat to Penybont in midweek.

I think it’ll be a close one but I’m going to tip Flint to get back to winning ways with a 2-1 win. For a bonus point, Les Davies will chip in with a goal.

Cardiff Met vs Connah’s Quay Nomads

Met won their opening game of the season 3-2 at Aberystwyth but have only managed one goal in the six games since (against Cefn Druids and, let’s face it, who doesn’t score against Druids?) they’re on a run of three defeats though they’ve only let in five in those three games. So they’re not bad at the back, they just don’t have their scoring boots on.

Connah’s Quay on the other hand, have scored 14 in their last four games and conceded just two goals. And they’ve done that with a host of key players out injured.

Everyone seems to be tipping TNS to regain their title this year but it is absolutely not a foregone conclusion from what I have seen.

I still expect the league champions to be top of the pile Saturday evening with a 3-0 victory here.

Penybont vs The New Saints

Penybont have been a revelation this season. They spent the majority of last season rooted in the bottom two but managed to put enough points on the board in the New Year to lift themselves away from Carmarthen and Airbus to earn a second year in the top flight. And boy have they taken advantage of it. After a slowish start to the season, they’ve now won three in a row and sit fourth in the table.

The Saints are in ferocious form themselves, having won every game that managed to go the full ninety minutes with the lights on and are yet to concede a goal that officially counts. The second ten goals against Flint last weekend and will be hungry for more.

When these two sides met last season, TNS were victorious only by a single goal on both occasions. Penybont have undoubtedly improved since then and their player manager, Rhys Griffiths, has been adding to his impressive Premier League tally in recent weeks.

I’m not brave enough to predict a home win, but I’ll stick my neck out and say TNS will concede their first goal of the season. I’m guessing 3-1 to TNS.

Bala Town vs Aberystwyth Town (live on S4C)

One point separates 7th place Bala with 6th placed Aber, though the home side do have three games in hand.

The Lakesiders suffered their first defeat of the season, at home to Haverfordwest last weekend, but demolished Penybont in the previous game. Their midweek trip to Flint was postponed due to heavy rain, adding to their existing backlog. Colin Catton’s men will be itching to get back to winning ways.

Aber are another of the sides that look much improved this season. Their defeats have come at the hands of Connah’s Quay and Barry Town, and they were victorious at Cefn Druids, 4-0, in midweek.

I don’t know why, but by heart keeps pulling me towards 1-1 for this one. So that’s what I’m going to stick with (although my head would call a home win).


Caernarfon Town 2 – 3 Cefn Druids
Newtown 0 – 1 Barry Town
Flint Town United 2 – 1 Haverfordwest County
Cardiff Met 0 – 3 Connah’s Quay Nomads
Penybont 1 – 3 The New Saints
Bala Town 1 – 1 Aberystwyth Town

Pick Of The Week

The stand out game for me this week is tonight’s game at the Oval between Caernarfon Town and Cefn Druids.

As I said earlier on, I expect goals and lots of them. I expect decent, flowing football. Just a shame there’s no fans allowed or a live stream of the game (that I know of).

For a little added spice, you just have to remember that Huw Griffiths was Druids manager last season before he was sacked, only to be announced as the Cofis’ boss hours later.

Huwi will undoubtedly be looking to get one over his former club (as he did in the Welsh Cup, in his first game in charge) and Bruno Lopes will be desperate for three points at the start of a tough run of games.

Until Next Time, Friends

I’ll be back on Monday, after watching the highlights, to review how I got on and to preview the midweek fixtures.

If you disagree with anything I’ve written, please feel free to comment. Keep it friendly though, I’m very thin skinned.

Until Monday!

Cymru Premier League Festive Round-up

The final whistles have blown across pretty much all of the festive double headers in the Cymru Premier League. Only Pen-y-Bont vs Carmarthen remains outstanding. Despite what I said in my previous post ( this game didn’t take place at 2.30 today, rather it takes place at 2.30 on New Year’s Day.

In the immortal words of President Schwarzenegger in The Simpsons Movie: I was elected to lead. Not to read.

Anyway! Let’s take a look at how my predictions matched up against reality!

Connah’s Quay Nomads vs Airbus UK Broughton

For reasons that escape my recollection, I said that Connah’s Quay would only pick up four points from these two games. I guess my reasoning must have been a combination of the fact that Nomads lead the table in games drawn this season and that I’ve seen Airbus play, and win, this season. They didn’t look that bad. In fact, they looked half decent. Sure they’ve lost every game since then, but they’re due a good result!

Yeah. I was wrong. I admit it.

My confidence in my prediction was buoyed by the fact that Andy Morrison’s side only won 2-1 on home turf on Boxing Day.

With the score of the return leg standing at 0-0 at the break, I was starting to allow myself to believe I’d called a blinder.

Four unanswered second half goals put paid to that. Mike Wilde, Jamie Insall from the spot, Danny Holmes and Priestley Farquharson provided the score.

26.12.19. Connah’s Quay 2-1 Airbus UK

30.12.19 Airbus UK 0-4 Connah’s Quay

Cefn Druids vs The New Saints

I said in my last post that I was regretting my prediction that each side would take a win a piece, following the Saints’ 5-0 demolition of Druids on their own patch.

However, checking the scores around the 89th minute mark, I saw Druids were leading the return leg 1-0, thanks to Tyrone Ofori. Off I went to cook myself some chicken pakoras to celebrate having actually pulled a shock out the bag this time, after that fake Airbus drawing with Connah’s Quay shock that had been well and truly put the bed.

Twenty minutes later, I decide to check the results of the rest of the league. My eye scrolls casually down the screen and what do I see but TNS have only gone and scored twice in injury time to take all three points and stay top of the table, one point ahead of the victorious Nomads.

Greg Draper and Dean Ebbe provided the goals for the Saints.

26.12.19 Cefn Druids 0-5 TNS

30.12.19 TNS 2-1 Cefn Druids

Barry Town United vs Cardiff Met

I showed faith in Barry that they would take all six points and that was dashed in game one with a 1-1 draw.

However, they were good enough to reward my faith and claimed a 1-0 victory in the Welsh capital thanks to a goal from Momodou Touray early in the second half.

26.12.19 Barry Town 1-1 Cardiff Met

30.12.19 Cardiff Met 0-1 Barry Town

Caernarfon Town vs Bala Town

In my predictions, I said that Bala would pick up four from six in this fixture.

They were 2-1 winners at Caernarfon’s Oval, Boxing Day evening and, having watched the game, I felt sure Caernarfon showed enough on the night to prove themselves capable of grabbing a draw away from home.

It was not to be, however, as Bala kept apace with the title race thanks to a comprehensive 3-0 victory. The goals came from Golden Boot chasing duo Henry Jones and Chris Venables, as well as a late addition by Jonny Spittle.

26.12.19 Caernarfon Town 1-2 Bala Town

30.12.19 Bala Town 3-0 Caernarfon Town

Newtown vs Aberystwyth Town

I felt that each side would win one of these games each, a prediction immediately invalidated by a 1-1 draw at Newtown.

Watching the highlights of that game on Sgorio, I have absolutely no idea how Newtown didn’t win it to at least keep my prediction alive for a few short days.

It would have proven a moot point in the end as Newtown were victorious 2-1 at Aber’s Park Avenue tonight.

Lifumpa Mwandwe gave the Robins the lead in the third minute and Matthew Jones must have thought he’d rescued a valuable point for Aber in the 84th. However, George Harry grabbed the win in the 93rd minute for the visitors.

That result, coupled with Druids last minute defeat in Oswestry, sees Newtown jump ahead of Druids into sixth place, with just two games to go between now and the league split.

How long they will hold on to that spot is anyone’s guest as their next match is at home to Champions, The New Saints, while Druids entertain bottom placed Pen-y-Bont.

26.12.19 Newtown 1-1 Aberystwyth Town

30.12.19 Aberystwyth Town 1-2 Newtown

Carmarthen Town vs Pen-y-Bont

As stated above, we’re still waiting for the second leg of this double header to take place.

I called two wins from two for Carmarthen and a 3-2 home victory for the Old Gold means this remains my only hope of getting a prediction right.

Having watched the highlights, I felt all three goals were absolute gifts from Pen-y-Bont and if they sort out these defensive lapses, they stand a chance of upsetting my prediction.

Though I’m sure these defensive lapses are why they find themselves bottom of the table so they’ll probably be prone to one or two on New Year’s Day.

26.12.19 Carmarthen Town 3-2 Pen-y-Bont

01.01.20 TBC

Next up:

The Cymru Premier now takes a small winter break until 10th January 2020. That is with one exception.

On Saturday January 4th Pen-y-Bont play their rearranged game at home to Caernarfon Town. Should Pen-y-Bont avoid defeat at home to Carmarthen, a win would take them out of the drop zone. In the very least, it will see them overtake Airbus in 11th.

A win for Caernarfon would cement their place in the top half of the table post split. A draw would all but be good enough on goal difference.

Personally, I see this being an away win for Caernarfon Town.

Well, that was a pretty dismal attempt on my part. But, being Welsh, I’m not going to let a little abject failure stop me.

I’ll be back in the second week in January to preview round 21 of the Cymru Premier, as well as see how I got on with those last two predictions (if my form is anything to go by, maybe put a quid on Pen-y-Bont to win their next two games).

Liam vs Lawro: New Years Day Fixtures

Happy New Year!


We have another full Premier League fixtures list on January 1st.

That’s three editions of Liam vs Lawro in just six days.

Jose is right. Subjecting pundits to this frequency of football is inhuman.

Anyway, mustn’t bitch, I’ll have a week off with the FA Cup next weekend.

After two weeks, the overall scores stand at Liam 100-120 Lawro.

Last week we drew 70 each. Here’s hoping I can go one better at the third time of asking!

(As it stands, Lawro hasn’t yet posted his predictions. I’ll update this when he does)

Brighton and Hove Albion vs Chelsea

Being a Potterphile (Graham, not Harry) I am tempted to call this as a home win as Chelsea’s form of late hasn’t been sparkling.

But a glance at recent results reminds me that, while Brighton might play attractive football, it hasn’t resulted in many points on the board.

So I have to back another ex Swansea man, Frank Lampard.

Liam says: 2-1 Chelsea

Lawro says:

Burnley vs Aston Villa

Six points separate these two sides. Burnley didn’t look up to much against United last time out and Villa were hammered by Watford.

I’m going to play this one safe.

Liam says: 1-0 Burnley

Lawro says:

Newcastle United vs Leicester City

I’ve been kind to Newcastle so far in my predictions and have awarded them four from a possible six points. They’ve rewarded me by picking up precisely zero.

Leicester got back to winning ways on the weekend and I think they’ll carry on the run.

Liam says: 2-0 Leicester

Lawro says:

Southampton vs Tottenham

I’m liking Southampton a lot over the last three games, where they’ve taken seven from nine points.

Tottenham, while flashy going forward, seem to be waffer thin at the back. They generally score, but you can count on them to concede too.

They were fortunate against Norwich not to be two down when one of Pukki’s pubes strayed offside.

I just can’t quite rule against them this time.

Liam says: 2-1 Tottenham

Lawro says:

Watford vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

This is a tough one. Watford have been brilliant lately and put in performances against high calibre opponents as well as Aston Villa.

Wolves though!

I’m gonna call a bump in the road for Nigel Pearson.

Liam says: 2-0 Wolves

Lawro says:

Manchester City vs Everton

I’ve yet to predict a win for either of these sides in two previous weeks.

I promised myself that would change this week, only to find they’re bloody well playing each other.

I’m torn. My head says City because, well, they’re City and Everton are Everton.

My heart says Guardiola is losing the plot (fueled further by reading Zlatan’s autobiography last night and his scathing assessment of him) and Ancelotti has revived Everton’s fortunes.

Do these things cancel each other out?

Do I call yet another draw from Everton only to have them win?


Liam says: 2-1 Everton (sure this is gonna bite me in the ass)

Lawro says:

Norwich City vs Crystal Palace

I finally caught up with Match of the Day yesterday and it astounds me that Norwich didn’t pick up six points from their last two games.

Yeah, there’s probably rose tinted specs on due to my loose Norfolk connections.

Norwich’s problem is that they play nice football, they just seem to get outscored all the time.

Sad as I am to say:

Liam says: 2-1 Palace

Lawro says:

West Ham United vs Bournemouth

“New” man in charge at the London Stadium. Looks a lot like the one that was there a couple of years ago.

The Hammers are a point behind the Cherries, having played a game less.

Both are precariously close to being sucked into the bottom three.

I think with the new manager and Fabianski back between the sticks, West Ham are going to take this one.

Liam says: 2-0 West Ham

Lawro says:

Arsenal vs Manchester United

In the late 90s this was a fixture I always looked forward to. I was, at the time, a Manchester United fan (I’m not not one now. I’d just describe myself as a Swansea fan. The switch occurred almost immediately after United won the Treble should anyone accuse me of ditching United when they got crap. The truth is, I got bored of winning) and a few close friends were Arsenal fans. It was bedlam, and I loved it.

Nowadays, there’s no Roy Keane and Patrick Vierra to kick lumps out of each other.

No Premier League titles resting on this one game.

Nowadays, it’s a bit of a wet fart.

But I tip United to follow through.

Liam says: 2-0 United

Lawro says:

Liam vs Lawro: 28-29th December 2019 Results

This is the second week I’ve taken on BBC Sports’ Mark Lawrenson, trying to predict the scores from the week’s Premier League programme.

In week one, Lawro beat me 50-30 (you get 40 points for a correct scoreline and 10 points for a correct outcome).

How would I fair in week two?

Brighton and Hove Albion 2-0 Bournemouth

I said: 2-0 to Brighton

Lawro said: 2-1 Bournemouth

A tremendous start to the weekend’s activities!

A forty pointer right out the blocks for me and made all the sweeter by Lawro getting no points.

I won’t lie, I got damn cocky after this result.

The victory dance was suitably creepy.

It wasn’t all plain sailing as Dan Burn had a perfectly good goal ruled out for “offside” (see my rant here:, which would have made it 2-0. But thankfully Aaron Mooy saved my bacon with ten minutes to go.

Liam 40-0 Lawro.

In your FACE Lawrenson!

Newcastle United 1-2 Everton

I said: 1-1 draw

Lawro said: 1-1

A rare occasion where myself and Lawro find ourselves in absolute agreement. I feel validated.

I felt extra validated and confident when Schär leveled for Newcastle on 56 minutes.

But Calvert-Lewin just had to go and show off for his new boss by getting his third in two games.

Kiss ass.

It remains Liam 40-0 Lawro

Southampton 1-1 Crystal Palace

I said: 3-0 Southampton

Lawro said: 2-0 Southampton

Ok, maybe I went a little nuts with this one. But Lawro wasn’t that far behind me.

Any hopes either of us would take 40 points from this one were dashed in the 50th minute when Tomkins gave Palace the lead.

Danny Ings continued his fine run of recent form to draw level so ten points a piece was possible, but ’twas not to be.

It still remains Liam 40-0 Lawro.

Watford 3-0 Aston Villa

I said: 1-1 draw

Lawro said: 2-1 Watford

My stupid gut talked me out of calling a home win and claiming ten points on this one.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Lawro had no such stupidity and the saving grace is he didn’t get the score right.

Liam 40-10 Lawro

Norwich City 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur

I said: 3-0 Tottenham

Lawro said: 2-0 Tottenham

Once again, myself and Lawro are equally wrong on this one.

As my girlfriend is from Norwich, I’m happy to take no points off this.

Still: Liam 40-10 Lawro

West Ham United 1-2 Leicester City

I said: 2-0 Leicester

Lawro said: 1-1 draw

And I’m back in the game!

Sure Pablo Fornals denied me the full forty here, but Lawro inexplicably thought West Ham could draw with Leicester so got no points.


Victory dance resumes.

Now: Liam 50-10 Lawro

Burnley 0-2 Manchester United

I said: 4-0 United

Lawro said: 2-0 United

Fuck you, Rashford!




Now: Liam 60-50 Lawro

Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

I said: 3-2 to Arsenal

Lawro said: 1-1 draw

Again, we’re both dead wrong with this one so I maintain my very slender lead over The Master.

Still: Liam 60-50 Lawro

Liverpool 1-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers

I said: 3-1 Liverpool

Lawro said: 2-0 Liverpool

Heavy sigh of relief after this one that Liverpool didn’t manage to find a second and give Lawro the full four points.

You see that, Rashford? That’s how you do it! DON’T score.

We both pick up 10 points and the score is now Liam 70-60 Lawro

Manchester City 2-0 Sheffield United

I said: 2-1 Sheffield

Lawro said: 3-0 City

Well that’s what I get for taking stupid, non calcuated risks.

I got burned.

Lawro picked up ten points, I got none and we end in a tie.

Had I just been sensible, I would have ended the week on 80 points and taken the spoils of war.

But NO! You just had to show off, didn’t you Liam?!


Final score: Liam 70-70 Lawro

A much improved showing from me.

A couple of silly predictions cost it for me in the end.

Let’s see if it’s third time lucky!

Running total: Liam 100-120 Lawro

Stop Bitching About VAR, Start Bitching About The Offside Law

I’ve just finished watching Brighton’s 2-0 win over Bournemouth and it’s about time I threw my two cents in on the whole VAR debate.

VAR is great. It works just fine in places like the Bundesliga and Major League Soccer so I don’t really understand the stick it gets here.

For me, the real issue is the present offside law.

I’ve just witnessed Dan Burn cruelly denied a wonderful first goal for Brighton. His touch to bring it out of the air behind him and into a position where he could just stroke it home was sublime. Had it stood, it surely would have been a contender for goal of the month on Match of the Day.

But no. Because several phases of play beforehand, the tip of Dan’s elbow was in an offside position.

I mean, really? What the f*ck?

Back in the good old days there used to have to be “daylight” between the attacker and defender for it to be considered offside.

Nowadays, the shadow from the hair off your arse seems to be all that is required.

It’s an absolute joke.

Yet people are blaming VAR for it.

It’s not VAR’s fault that they have to enforce stupid rules cast down from on high.

Yes, decisions are taking too long but if you’ve been told you have to work with millimetres then you’re going to take your time.

The issue is that the offside rule is bullsh*t.

It’s the rule that stiffles play and results in perfectly wonderful goals being ruled out.

Later, in the same game, Brighton’s Glenn Murray found himself one on one with Ramsdale in the Bournemouth goal and, despite the angle, forced a decent save and won the corner.

Now, the replay showed that Murray was a good yard offside when the ball was played to him, but the assistant referee missed it (how? I’ve no idea).

What genuinely interests me is, had Brighton scored from that set piece, would VAR have intervened to rule it out owing to the offside in that phase of play.

I don’t know, myself. If someone does know and can educate me, please do.

I would think/hope so because that decision would have proven instrumental in the goal being scored. But I have my doubts.

So, in short, let’s lay off VAR for a bit and lay in to Fifa or whoever sets these stupid rules.

And while I’m on my high horse about VAR, can players PLEASE stop chasing after the referee if they think they’ve got a shout for a penalty. VAR reviews it all anyway, regardless of whether you’re screaming your head off at the man in black so just cut it out please. You look like a knob head.

As a BT Sports commentator once said, VAR works fine. We just have to do whatever the Germans are doing.

Cymru Premier Festive Fixtures

Time got away from me over Christmas and, while I did type my vague predictions ahead of time, I didn’t get the chance to write up the post before the Boxing Day legs were played.

So, those new to the Cymru Premier League might not know that Boxing Day and New Year sees home and away games against your closest rivals.

Rather than go for predicting the exact scores for these games, I merely wrote what I thought would happen across the two games.

Cefn Druids vs The New Saints

Now, if any of you were worried that I’d amend my predictions with retrospect to make myself look good, this should calm your minds.

I predicted that sixth placed Druids would win one of the two games, with TNS taking the other.

That MIGHT well happen yet, but as TNS were victorious 5-0 away from home, I’m not confident.

I crumb of comfort though. The Saints’ big wins in the league (12-0 over Airbus and 10-1 over Aber) have come away from home. Although they were victorious in the home legs of those games, just not by much. I mean, they ONLY scored six against Airbus.

I wouldn’t put money on TNS doing the double over Druids now.

Connah’s Quay Nomads vs Airbus UK

I called this as four points across the two games for Nomads and with them winning 2-1 at Deeside, I might well not be far wrong.

I’ll be at the Airfield on Monday night to watch the game so will have everything crossed for a draw.

Barry Town United vs Cardiff Met

I called two wins for Barry.

Game one finished 1-1.

Shows what I know.

I still think Barry will win in Cyncoed.

You watch them bloody lose now.

Newtown vs Aberystwyth Town

In my predictions, I felt that these sides would share the spoils in the form of a win apiece.

They did share the spoils at Latham Park with a 1-1 draw.

I’m not really doing very well so far…

Carmarthen Town vs Pen-y-Bont

Finally! Things are looking up for me, as I called two wins for Carmarthen.

They won the first game 3-2.

It’s all geared up for the return leg in Bridgend on Monday afternoon.

Caernarfon vs Bala

Game one was broadcast live on S4C on Boxing Day and as Bala took the 2-1 victory with a nice little move from Chris Veneables, that was 20% pure Zlatan, I was cursing my prediction of a Caernarfon victory.

But when I came to write this post this morning, it appears I called a win and a draw for Bala.

So I might well come out on top yet!

All the games take place on Monday 30th December with 7.45 kick offs, except for Pen-y-Bont vs Carmarthen, which is apparently 2.30pm.

I’ll report back on Tuesday with my findings!

If you like predictions and me making a fool of myself, why not check out my feature, Liam vs Lawro, where I take on the BBC’s Mark Lawrenson (without his knowledge) to predict the scores in the English Premier League.

Here’s the latest post in that series:

Liam vs Lawro: 28-29th December 2019

On to game day two of my weekly quest to take on BBC Sport’s Mark Lawrenson with Premier League predictions.

Lawro just edged in 50-30 last week ( and I’m kicking myself with a couple of my predictions.

Let’s see if I can go one better this time out.

As always, you get 40 points if you get the score spot on, and 10 if you just call the correct outcome (ie home/away win, draw).

Brighton and Hove Albion vs Bournemouth

Last time out I called Bournemouth to beat Arsenal. I wasn’t far off with that one.

I’ve visited both cities for Unison’s National Conference and I have to say I much prefered Bournemouth.

However, I see Graham Potter’s men taking the full three points today.

Liam says: 2-0 Brighton

Lawro says: 2-1 Bournemouth

Newcastle United vs Everton

The Ancelotti effect on Everton against Burnley was stronger than I had given it credit for as I called that as a score draw. I also predicted Newcastle would be victorious at Old Trafford and they really, really weren’t.

I’m conflicted on this one and not at all confident. So I’m going to go down the middle for a draw.

Liam says: 1-1 draw

Lawro says: 1-1 draw

Southampton vs Crystal Palace

If you’ve read last games’ results, you’ll know I talked myself out of calling a Southampton win at Stamford Bridge. I also correctly called Crystal Palace beating West Ham.

So I’m going to go with my gut on this one and give the win to the team on the rise.

Liam says: Southampton 3-0

Lawro says: 2-0 Southampton

Watford vs Aston Villa

Watford are resurgent under Nigel Pearson while Villa, their win over rock bottom Norwich aside, are on the slide.

I was going to call this as a home win but my gut flashed up with 1-1 so I’m going to run with that.

Liam says: 1-1 draw

Lawro says: 2-1 Watford

Norwich City vs Tottenham Hotspur

I so want Norwich to replicate their performances against City and Arsenal today. I really, really do.

My head is also telling me that Spurs only just overcame Brighton…

No. I can’t do it.

My head says: 3-0 Tottenham (I hope I’m wrong)

Lawro says: 2-0 Tottenham

West Ham United vs Leicester City

Brendan and his boys let me down badly against Liverpool the other night but I am going to forgive them, this once, and call a bounce back.

Liam says: 2-0 to Leicester

Lawo says: 1-1 draw

Burnley vs Manchester United

Last games, I showed too much faith in Burnley and too little faith in Manchester United.

If United turn up to this game, I’m going to call an away win.

Liam says: 4-0 Manchester United

Lawro says: 2-0 United

Arsenal vs Chelsea

This used to be a hell of a fixture when the two teams were in their prime, but now they’re shadows of their former selves. At least they’ve vaugely level pegging in terms of quality, if not results.

I think there will be goals in this one and Arsenal will JUST edge it.

Liam says: 3-2 Arsenal

Lawro says: 1-1 draw

Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Liverpool have all but sown up the title with the Boxing Day results, and Wolves did them a big favour by taking Manchester City all but out of the equation.

Part of me really wants to call this as an away win. I was so close to getting Wolves’ score bang on in the last game, but they went one better and left me empty handed.

Wolves are a good team and the last team domestically to beat Liverpool’s first team (Villa beating their U23s doesn’t count), nearly 12 months ago.

Something has surely got to give for Klopp’s side at some point and Wolves are one of the best placed teams to dish out an upset.

But I just can’t bet against Liverpool in the form they’re in right now. Not two games in a row anyway!

Liam says: 3-1 Liverpool

Lawro says: 2-0 Liverpool

Manchester City vs Sheffield United

City are all but out of the title race. Guardiola doesn’t seem to care any more and is going through the motions.

Do we see a City rebound today? It’s hard to say any team containing Aguero and de Bruyne won’t win, but that did happen less than 24 hours before I write this. Although both were substituted before Wolves scored their winning goals.


Fuck it!

Liam says: 2-1 Sheffield United

Lawro says: 3-0 City

Current standings after one match day:

Liam 30

Lawro 50